Slotter Machine 12″ INCH (300 MM) – Key Way – Rotary Table – Punch Slotter – Cutting Of Internal Grooves Or Key Ways – Gear Slot


    • Stroke Capacity: 12” – 300 mm
    • Category: Workshop Machine
    • Helical Gears: silent & smooth operation & reduces noise
    • Motor Pulley: The life of a motor pulley is 3 years
    • Colour:   Sky & White Combo
    • Stroke Capacity: 12” – 150mm
    • Electricals : 2 HP – 1440 RPM – 3 PHASE
    • Weight: 500Kg

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 helican-gear Helical Gears:

We gives constant stroke in slotting machine and each stroke gives reaction on main gear teeth. For such continuous stroking, gears  must rigid to work for 15 years Taking into consideration the quality and accuracy of the  job, we are using DP-8 Heavy Helical Gears in our slotting machine. It is made from GCI-25 Grade casting. With the help of helical gears we can get more grinding works. Generally spare gears gives load on 1 teeth while  helical gear gives load on 2 teeth so possibility for break out is very lies.

Benefits of Helical Gears:

  • For silent & smooth operation –
  • Use of helical gears reduces the noise level
  • Double Load taking capacity and Longer life of teeth
  • Suitable in rough work.
  • No need to change till 15 years.
 spindle Stroke Ram / Spindle:

Y- Axis – main slide are the important part of slotting machine.  Accuracy and efficiency depends on  Y-Axis. So our expert engineers put their best efforts while constructing this machine.

Features of our Stroke Ram / Spindle:

  • Our stroke ram is 450mm long.
  • It is made from CI material with proper grinding and finishing.
  • Straightness and parallelism of our stroke ram is 20 micron.
  • For higher and perfect accuracy, we are checking and testing each piece with straight edge.
  • One important feature of our Spindle is interchangeable. Sometimes because of damage and other problems, customer requires that parts. So at that time they can interchange that part easily and quickly.


 road-base Connecting Road / Base :

  • Base of the Slotting machine directly affects the rigidity and vibration of the machine.
  • Because of use of rigid casting and heavy material, weight of our machine base is almost 80/100 kg more than other machine manufacturers, due to this reason we are famous for vibration free slotting machine.
  • Maximum cutting capacity in MS Material is 12 mm by Foam tool.
  • We are testing and working the machine after checking base level as a right.
  • We are using nylon nut to connect the road. It is chromed nut, so it is dust proof.

Benefit of Using Nylon Nut :

Sometimes when oil gets over in pump or  operator forget to lubricate oil, there is no chance of any damage in the base because of that nylon nut. Even it also increase life of Connecting road.

 loading-hook Loading Hook :

We always think  that machine should be reach safely at customer’s floor. So considering transport problems and customers convenience, we are giving slinging hook inbuilt with machine. Purpose to give such option is to transist machine safely and without any damage. Our slinging hook carries weight upto 500-700 kg easily.

 main-motor-pully Main Motor Pulley :

  • Different spindle size differs with different material. It differs with material, weight and size of the job. So considering this we have given an option of the 3-speed pulley in our machine so the user can operate it at three different steps.
  • Speed can be varied for efficient working as per the weight and size of the job, material type of the job.
  • We are using 6206ZZ self lubricating Bearing in main motor pulley.
  • Life of our motor pulley is 3 years.

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Model C305(305mm)(12″)
Longitudinal Movement 330mm
Cross Movement 150mm
Cross Movement 3 Speed
Ram Adjustment 305 mm
Electric Motor 2 HP
Approx Wight 500kg
A 450 mm
B 530 mm
C 340 * 340 mm

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 stroke-leaver Stroke Adjustment lever :

  • Stroke adjustment capacity  of our machine is 10 mm to 250 mm. We can make and key way the  very small  job upto 10 mm.
  • Generally Slotting manufacturers fit adjustment lever with welding while we have made with  forge protect by low carbon so there is no worry for break out.
 counter-pully Counter Pulley:

  • Our counter pulley is made from CI material.
  • We are using 6205 -ZZ Bearing in counter pulley.
  • We are giving 3 years guarantee in Counter pulley belt.
 z-axis Z Axis Slide :

  • Table size of our slide is 330 x 275 mm.
  • Travel movement of Z axis is 230 mm. We gets 20 micron accuracy in  optimum travel.
  • We have grinding both side of slide upper side and down side. This dual side grinding gives better accuracy.
  • Straightness accuracy of slide is up to 20 micron.
  • We are checking punishable error through the straight edge.
 rotary-table-stand Rotary Table stand :

The special feature of our rotary table stand is that we are giving it  with perfect alignment and with proper surface grinding so that we gets accuracy up to 20 micron all type of job. Generally other slotting manufacturers gives it simple.






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Free Accessories:

  • Boring Bar
  • Motor Pulley Counter
  • V – Belt

Extra Equipment :

  • Rotary Table with 36:1
  • Ratio Diameter – 250 mm
  • Electric Motor
  • Switch
  • True Chuck
  • V – Belt


We are here to Help you

1) What will be the warranty Period of this Slotting Machine?

A:Generally Suppliers of the Slotting machines are providing only one year warranty period in the lathe machine. And it is not the proper return according to your investment. While We are providing 3 years warranty in our products. If there any parts damaged in your machine than we also provides free parts service in warranty period by fastest courier service.


2) How Many Models  are available in Slotting  Machine?


A:1) 6” Stroke capacity

2) 10” Stroke capacity

3) 12” Stroke capacity



3) Which accessories I Should  buy  with  Slotting  Machine?

A : Auto feed, Electric Motor, Vertical attachment, Rack cutting attachment, slotting attachment, dividing head, coolant pump with fittings, true chuck, Milling Adaptor, face mill cutter, milling vice, milling collet etc.



4) Do you accept Domestic LC ?

A: Yes, accept domestic LC for 60 days on credit. Generally our 75 % customers are purchasing Machine from us with 60 days Credit through a Simple Process of LC. When the Seller is Unknown or New to the Buyer, Letter of Credit is one good Alternative to do the Business with Such New Seller Because Buyer can Avoid Risk by such Letter. Letter of Credit is one Additional Benefit to the Buyer by which they can protect Loss against Goods and Finance Also.The buyer can build safeguards into the letter of credit, including inspection of the goods and quality control, and set production and delivery times.