Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine


  • Category : Workshop Machine
  • Color : Gray & White Combo
  • Max. table size : 225 × 450 mm
  • Surface grinder motor : 1 Hp
  • Power pressure motor : 1.5 Hp
  • Coolant motor : 0.17 Hp
  • Cross feed motor : 0.25 Hp
  • Weight : 900 Kg



Separate us from others




  • The Machine is Built of Heavy duty cast iron with high-Grade cast iron base hand Scraped to fine tolerance to Achieve highest Accuracy.
  • We have designed it in a way to make easy movement of slides.
  • Weight of our machine base is around 300 kg.

Wheel Head :

  • The Grinding Wheel spindle is hardened & Grounded.
  • The Spindle Runs in Precision angular Contact Bearings and driven by flange Mounted Motor through Flexible Couplings. It ensures free service for a long life.

Micro Feed System :

  • Vertical Grinding wheel Slide Movement down at right side in the body.
  • The Vertical wheel dial least count in 0.01 mm. and Micro feed least count in 0.002 mm.

 Cross feed:

  • The cross feed is through a lead screw and nut.
  • The automatic cross feed at every reversal if the table is provided through engaged with gear mechanism and feed controlled by a solid state electronic system.
  • The cross feed is infinitely variable to get desirable accuracy and surface finish.



Grinding Wheel Spindle:

  • The grinding wheel spindle is mounted on Prelude greased super precision angular contact anti friction bearing.
  • It ensures  trouble free function for long time.
  • The spindle is directly driven by flange mounted motor through flexible coupling.


Hydraulic System:

  • We are giving hydraulic power pack as a standard/free in our machine.
  • It is attached separately with 24 DC Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve.

Turcite B-Coated :

  • The speciality of This Surface Grinder is that all table guideways are coated with Turcite B.
  • Turcite B Coated prevents from Jamming, Skidding, low friction, etc.
  • It ensures long life of guideways and also made machine more accurate.

Auto Lubrication System:

  • In our BANKA surface grinder there is auto lubrication system, which provides machine long life and maintain accuracy.
  • All moving surface and rotating parts are continuously lubricated by auto lubrication system.
  • Generally, we are giving this lubrication option as a standard, while other manufacturers are giving it as a extra cost.

Helps you to find your goal

Max. table size 225 x 450 mm
Max. longitudinal travel 500 mm
Max. cross traverse 225 mm
Max. spindle center height above table 275 mm
Max. table speed 14m / min
Power cross traverse MM / Min
Auto cross feed table each reversal 0.5 – 5.0 mm
Least count of vertical feed handwhee 0.01 mm
Least count of micro feed 0.002 mm
Grinding Head
Size of grinding wheel (Dia x width x Bore) 200 x 13 x 31.75 mm
Spindle motor 1 HP
Speed of grinding wheel 2800 RPM
Spindle Speed
Working pressure 10 kg/cm2
Permanent magnetic chuck 200 x 450 mm
Hydraulic motor 1.5 HP
Tank capacity 40 ltrs

Innovation with a Purpose

Model H-1 H-2
 Max. table size  225 × 450 mm  300 × 600 mm
 Max. longitudinal travel  500 mm  650 mm
 Max. cross traverse  225 mm  305 mm
 Max. Spindle centre height above table  275 mm  275 mm
 Max. table speed  14m/min  14m/min
 Power Cross Traverse  MM / Min  2000
 Auto cross feed table each reversal  0.5 – 5.0 mm  0.5 – 5.0 mm
 Least count of verticle feed hand wheel  0.01 mm  0.01 mm
 Least count of microfeed  0.002 mm  0.002 mm
 Size of grinding wheel (Dia × Width × Bore)  200 × 13 × 31.75 mm  200 × 13 × 31.75 mm
 Spindle motor  1 hp  2 hp
 Speed of Grinding wheel  2800 rpm  2800 rpm
 Working pressure  10 kg/Cm2  10 kg/Cm2
 Permanent Magnetic chuck  200 × 450 mm  250 × 600 mm
 Hydraulic motor  1.5 hp  1.5 hp
 Tank capacity  60 liters  60 liters

Lead us to serve more

Standard Accessories :

  • Permanent magnetic chuck,
  • Balancing stand & mandrel,
  • Diamond dresser with holder,Lubrication pump
  • Toolkit ,One – grinding wheel with flange
  • Electric control panel,Hydraulic system

Optional Accessories:

  • Coolant equipment
  • Machine lamp (230 v AC)
  • Wheel flange unit