वाह 4 लाख रुपये में इतना बढ़िया ड्रिल मशीन?

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बंका 40 साल से अपने काम को अलग तरीके से करने के लिए जाना जाता है, Trust on make in India product. On Banka machine’s YouTube channel you’ll find almost all solutions for your metal cutting machines and Banka ensures to provide you with the easiest and convenient way to get rid of machine-related issues. Not only these points, but Banka also guides people to develop or establish their business and workshops.

What is special about this radial drill machine from Banka? बांका की इस रेडियल ड्रिल मशीन में क्या खास बात है?


Essential Features :

  • Gear Hardness 45  HRC
  • 350 Nm Spindle Torch
  • 2050 RPM
  • 2 Amp at Maximum Load
  • Noise Level – 85 dB
  • Accuracy – As per IS Standard
  • Turcite B – Smooth movement

Another special thing is that BANKA  changed only material expenses and eliminated administrative expenses.

And the profit and other expenses are also not added that’s why it’ll be cheaper to you.

In this radial drill, how many mm can it work? यह रेडीयल ड्रिल में, कितने एमएम तक काम कर सकते है?

The radial drill of the Banka machine has a capacity of 50 mm drilling.

In this radial drill machine, how is the electric panel board provided? यह रेडियल ड्रिल मशीन में, इलेक्ट्रिक पैनल बोर्ड कैसा दिया है?

  • Drilling Capacity in Cast Iron: 50 mm
  • Drilling Capacity in Mild Steel: 42 mm
  • Spindle Sleeve Diameter: 75 mm
  • Spindle Speed Range (RPM): 40-2050
  • Vertical Movement of Arm: 1300 mm
  • Drilling Motor (HP/RPM): 1.5/1400- 3/2800
  • Spindle Travel: 170 mm
  • Spindle Taper: MT-4
  • Spindle Speed: 40-2050 RPM
  • Column Diameter: 215 mm
  • Weight of Machine Kg. (Approx): 1900 kg.

Banka YouTube Channel

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